File Salvage vs. Data Rescue vs. Kernel for Macintosh (Nucleus Data Recovery) vs virtual Lab Data Recovery vs. STellar Phoenix vs. Disk Drill

Apple marketed its operating system software a...

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Data Recovery Software – CNET General Mac software discussions Forums. This forum discussion examines all of these options. I have used Data Rescue in the past and it didn’t recover all of the lost emails. It retrieved some information, but not the critical things the client was looking for.

The reason I am bringing this up is that I wrote earlier about Disk Drill here. Since that time I have had a chance to use that software. The first time I used this was an old version. I had a problem that I informed the company and they fixed. I know because I tried it again with the latest version and it didn’t have that issue.

Now I was given a Pro copy to test with and I have to say it is night and day from the older version. It was very fast in everything it did, and it recovered files from 5 months ago in less than a minute. Very simple. I have no doubt that the more in-depth disk scanning would be even more effective.

I have used some of its competitors such as Data Rescue. That is what most people are familiar with since they can buy it at the Apple Store. The last time that I used that was for a customer who had a messed up upgrade of their server(it was someone else who did this mistake) and needed to recover the email data. It got perhaps 60% of their email back. For $99 that was fine, but I didn’t like those odds. A software problem shouldn’t cause such an inability to retrieve data. They also said that it took 72 hours and put them behind and cost time and the goodwill of their customers. If getting back on track is the most important thing for your company, I would suggest making two copies of your data and running all the data recovery products you can afford. Disk Drill is an easy choice and very affordable considering the options.

I asked and was given a discount code if you want to order and sensitive to price. You can click here to go to their website and use the code with 15% discount on Disk Drill PRO: CHI-MDDSCD

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  1. I’ve found FileSalvage to be much more effective in my experience, recovering much more than the others with Data Rescue coming in 2nd overall. FileSalvage has also been the best when it comes to drives that are really in a bad state and keep locking up as it can resume the scan and recovery after power cycling them (something most of the others can’t do).

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