H&R sucks in Chicago

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Has anyone else gotten a phone call from H&R Block?  It was interesting that it happened for the second time today.  The first time I just ignored it and hung up.  Their automated phone system doesn’t need to waste my limited minutes and time.  The second time I clicked on 2 to speak to someone about the appointment for tomorrow at 10 on Valentines day.  An appointment that I never made.

So I called H&R Block and told them that I didn’t make this appointment and didn’t appreciate being called.  The customer service gentleman was nice and took my notes and information.  I specifically didn’t sign any papers to share my information with others, and I know I didn’t agree to an appointment for the next year.

Generally, what do business think they can get away with by calling and telling people they have appointments with them?  Why do they think that we are just going to roll over and show up?

I was video chatting with my friend who went to the same office last year and her phone rang.  Guess what?  It was the same automated call from H&R block!  Why can’t they respect their customers?

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