Impossibly slow time line editing in iMovie

Apple – Support – Discussions – Impossibly slow time line editing ….  User PT seems to solve the problem with his suggestions.

A couple of things. First, you may need to run basic OS maintenance stuff if you haven’t already…

My standard list of things to do first for these weird sort of problems. There are several alternate programs that do the same things with some combining the functions of some of the ones below. So everyone has their favorites, but here are mine…

  • Run MacJanitor (free download) to do all the Unix Cron Maintenance scripts.
  • Run Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilities) and repair disk permissions on your start up drive (typically your internal drive). Also verify any other drives mounted on the system, especially any external drives that you use for iMovie and iDVD projects.
  • Run Preferential Treatment (free download) to check for corrupt/damaged application and system preference files.
  • Run Cache Out X (free download) to clear all system and application caches.
  • Reboot your Mac (after running Cache Out X you are given the option to restart the machine).

Keep in mind that many of the above applications have different versions for Panther vs. Tiger and later versions.

Additional info on this sort of thing…

Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance

Maintaining Mac OS X

Also, what version of QT are you running? Did you recently upgrade it? My own experience, and one that was reflected in many other posts here by other people, is that 10.3.9, iMovie4 and QT v7.x do not play well together. For OS 10.3.9 it is strongly suggested to stick with QT 6.x (whatever the last version was of QT6). QT7 and OS 10.3.9 are a known bad combo when working with iMovie4 and iDVD4.

And as already pointed out by another poster, trying a new user account to see if it is a system wide issue or just a problem with your user account is a good check.


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