“com.apple.kerberos.kdc” and “com.apple.systemdefault” not trusted

This is an error I’ve never run across before.  Tui_007 has a great solution that worked for him “I have solved my problem. I might also have an idea what is causing your problem (not promising anything though).

First how I solved my problem:

I am using Little Snitch, a reverse firewall type programs that prevents applications from connecting to the internet without permission (Some apps phone home, with news about your mac, etc.)

Little snitch was preventing a process called ocspd from connecting to the internet. This process is required for certificate verification (see link below). So I let this through, with these steps, in “Little Snitch: click “New”, then click the arrow in the popup window, select “Choose System Process…”, navigate to /usr/sbin/ocspd and allow connections to any server. I also allowed any connections to verisign.com which is probably unnecessary.

ps (My Kerberos and Systemdefault certificates are still “not trusted” in my keychain, but all levels of my certificates in Safari are.)


Now your mail problem:

I had two problems with my mac Mail program. At first I had trouble accessing my gmail account, then I had problems accessing my work account. The two had very different solutions.

The first was a problem with the settings on my router. My router’s firewall had blocked smtp traffic, and perhaps pop3 and imap too (Can’t remember, it was a while ago). You need to make sure that your router isn’t blocking these protocols. If necessary phone your ISP for info.

The second problem was was solved by phoning my ISP. Because my work is on a different network my ISP had to forward my mail through to their smtp server (not sure of the details). I could receive mail, but not send it, except through google’s smpt server. Talk to your ISP.

It sounds like your problem probably has something to do with a firewall, or Little Snitch. If you’ve recently installed it, be aware it works and some services on your mac need internet access to work properly. You may need to allow things like Finder.app and Dock.app access to the internet in your /System/Library/CoreServices directory.

Good luck, I hope that helps.”

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